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We offer glass block for residential, commercial, industrial, multi-family, and institutional building markets.

LYON Inc. (formerly known as Lyon Glass Block) is Indiana’s Largest distributor of glass block.  We specialize in providing residential and commercial applications from installation to wholesale of glass block material.  We do jobs as small as replacing a broken block to large scale interior or exterior commercial projects. 


Our glass block products are extraordinarily versatile and available in many aesthetically pleasing sizes and styles, glass block offers virtually limitless design possibilities. Glass block walls, partitions and windows combine the delicate beauty and light transmission of glass with the strength of glass block.


Glass block windows are a sound solution to keep cold breezes out.

Iceberg pattern glass blocks are a great style to create the privacy you will love.

Yes, we are Indiana’s largest distributor of glass block in the state. We carry on the highest quality products and do orders for many contractors around the state.

Cost of glass block ranges from $50 to $400 depending on the size of the window. Installation cost are variable depending on the type of area the block is being installed.

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Glass Block Brands

We specialize in selling SEVES GLASS BLOCK. Seves Glass Block Inc. is the North American Division of the world's leading manufacturer of glass block and glass brick for architectural and interior design.